About J & K

About J & K

J & K Scientific Inc. was founded in 2005 by Dr. Krishnat Naikwadi. With over 25 years of experience in the development, testing, and verification of GC columns, Dr. Naikwadi understands the challenges of separation of complex mixtures facing analytical scientists and laboratories. Over the years, he has worked relentlessly to develop stationary phases that are more selective, thermally stable, and deliver fast and reproducible GC analysis to increase laboratory productivity.

Recently, Dr. Krishnat Naikwadi made a breakthrough in the field of Gas Chromatography (GC) separation science with the launch of the Nano Stationary Phase (NSP) columns. The Nano Stationary Phase technology is the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to improving gas chromatography stationary phases and columns. The Nano Stationary Phases are distinguished from the conventional stationary phases based on their higher selectivity and stability, resulting in the ability to perform difficult separations with very short columns.

J & K Scientific Inc. is introducing a full range of non-polar, intermediate polarity and polar capillary columns based on the Nano Stationary Phase technology. The NSP columns are selective, with a wide operating temperature range, ultra low bleed and high stability as compared to conventional stationary phase GC capillary columns of similar stationary phase composition and dimensions.

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The J & K team is committed to providing only the highest quality GC capillary columns. Our dedication and strict adherence to quality assurance and quality control in manufacturing, testing, and research and development drives our every action. We know that our customers are depending on us for accuracy, reproducibility, and speed – and we must make sure that our columns deliver.

As J & K looks to the future, it plans to focus its R & D efforts on manufacturing a full line of Nano Stationary Phase GC columns for every analytical challenge.

J & K Scientific is a proud Canadian company, located in Edwardsville, Nova Scotia.

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